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Our Article content is written in 100% English and we strive to give you the article you deserve. Do you want to test us today? Try one article and we will get it done as soon as we can. H

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We always answer within 24 hours. Allamericanwebcontent.com is all about making our customers feel safe when ordering. We want to aim to please all clients.

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We want you to be happy and we strive to make sure we do our best. If you ever have an issue, please contact us. All customers are contacted within 24 hours of the contact form submission.

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We strive to make sure you get your work on time. However, turnaround times can vary, depending on the time of the year. If we have a high amount of orders in, we will increase the turnaround times. We always strive to turn them in when you want, but we are only human and not a content mill.

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Regular Articles
Starting at $1.00
100% Copyscape checked! All articles are written in good grammar and don't contain fluff. Test our service out, you will not be sorry.
Press Release Articles
Starting at $25.00 + Submission Packages!
400 Word Press Release. Written in news prospective! We have written over 1000s of Press releases to Prweb, Releasewire and more! We know what we are doing! We offer Submission packages! I have 8 years of Press release submission experience and I can get your news to the right people!
Blog + Submissions
Starting at $5.00
All Blogs come with submissions. You will need to give us the information upon ordering. Do not worry, you are safe, we will have directions on how to allow us to submit your articles. I'm a webdesigner and know almost any PHP platform. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and more.
Product Reviews
Starting at $10.00
We offer Product Reviews as a new service, due to the fact they are different then article content. We have a specific format to follow and it takes more time to research. We have been doing for years and we have many clients that order product reviews all the time.
Product Descriptions
Starting at $1.00
50 to 100 words. We will provide you descriptions for your products. We have written over 100's of products. This product is for clients that sell items online, drop shipping merchandise and much more.
eBook Services
Starting as low as $44.00
eBook service that has been doing ghostwriting for over 8 years. We specialize in this field and can write you the perfect eBook. You can also order short reports!


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We do not give our customers false hope – if we say we can do it, we can.

Our Mission Statement: We have witnessed various companies via the Internet who brag about employing people from third world countries, such as India and Kenya in order to get low price work. While we believe in making our web content services (videos, articles, blogs,etc) affordable for our customers, we do not believe in having people from third world countries do it, even if that means “saving money.” Why? Because we are trying to “purify” the Internet, one step at a time. How many times have you visited a site or read an article that was packed full of grammar errors? Those articles are a major “turn-off” not only to readers, but to Google, Bing and other search engines as well. Google has taken steps in order to make sure only sites with “legit” content shows up on their search engine – we want your site to be one of those that makes it on Google search. Do you need to get to know me more? Read below more details about me and All American Web Content.

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    As CEO (Steven Fitzpatrick) I strive to devote my time to all my services. No Hassles and I'm always there to help!

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    I can't stress this enough, all services are done by me, my family and others that I've worked with for over 10 years!

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    I was born and raised in Florida Vero beach. I lived in two different states as I was growing up. I lived in Florida until I was age of 13. Then Moved to Michigan. I moved to back to Florida when I turned 17. I got married at the age of 18, had kids and started my content business.

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