12 Facts About Animals …

Animals are interesting creatures and they are always fun to read about. In this blog posting, I am going to give you 12 facts about animals …


12. Elephants


Elephants have four teeth that they use in order to chew their foot.


11. House Fly


The house fly only lives for fourteen days – the length can be shortened, you know, if he/she meets a fly swatter.


10. Ostrich


The ostrich is able to run up to 43 mph.




A giraffe is able to clean their ears with their tongue. There tongue is twenty inches long.


9. Sea Horse


The sea horse is the slowest fish. It moves at about 0.01 mph.


8. Giant Squid


The largest squid on record weighed in at 4 tons. It was captured in the North Atlantic during 1878. The tentacles measured 10 m.


7. Heaviest Crustacean


The heaviest crustacean ever found is a lobster that weighed in at 42 lb, which was caught in 1934.


6. Goldfish


The goldfish is the only animal that is capable of seeing ultraviolet and infrared light.


5. Dragonflies


Dragonflies are known for being one of the fastest insects. They are able to fly between fifty to sixty mph.


4. Mosquito


The mosquito has a total of forty seven teeth – now that’s scary!


3. Mosquitoes Attraction


Research has showed that mosquitoes are more attracted ot someone if they have recently eaten a banana.


2. Sex Organ of a Male Spider


The sex organ of  the male spider can be found at the end of one of the legs.


1. Cricket


The crickets ears can be found just below the knee of the front legs.



Those are 12 facts about animals. I have always found facts on animals to be very interesting. From time to time, I will be posting more facts on animals, so make sure you keep checking back. What is your favourite fact?