4 Games I Wish They Didn’t Cancel

By games I wish they didn’t cancel, I am talking about ones they had plans on making, but didn’t go through with the plans. I hate hearing of a fun game coming out, like Chrono Break, only to turn around and find that it isn’t being released. Mind you Lego Halo was an April Fools prank and I can deal with a Lego Halo not coming out. Well, let me get started on the 4 games I wish they didn’t cancel …


4. JurassicPark: Survival


This was a complete disappointment to all of those JurassicPark fans. I would have enjoyed this one too. It was focused on outwitting dinosaurs, instead of battling them. I guess this action/adventure game was too good to be true.



3. B.C.


The cancellation of JurassicPark: Survival was not as bad as this. When B.C. went down under, many people went through a dino-depression. Okay, not really, but it sounded right, okay! This was a historically inaccurate game that would allow the player to take control of a tribe of humans that were trying to survive during the prehistoric times. There was some pretty awesome dinos in this game! At least … I think they would have been.  B.C. was spearheaded by Linohead Studios and Peter Molyneux, which was the minds behind Fable 1 and 2.



2. EarthBound 64


Wow, there are many gamers out there that shed tears when they heard this game was cancelled. It is like dangling a lolly-pop in front of a child, then snatching it back right when they go to grab for it. I know right?  Six years after it was cancelled, Nintendo released a modified version of this game, but only in Japan, it was a refit for the GBA. Yeah, at least they tried.



1. The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage


Am I telling you that there could have been another freaking awesome Zelda? I am indeed. The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage was a game that was going to be released on Game Boy Color. It was planned to be the third Zelda game in the Oracle series. It was going to be developed by Capcom and published by Nintendo.  There was problemd in the debugging process, so it was scrapped. This video game would have features Farore as the oracle. It was going to be cantered on puzzles and time travel. The puzzles was supposed to be focused on time.


Those are 4 games I wish they didn’t cancel. There are plenty of other games they shouldn’t have cancelled, because I believe they would have been a big hit amongst the gamers today. Are there any you wish weren’t cancelled?