6 Facts on Mario

In all the history of video games, none of them are as iconic as Mario and his brother Luigi.  It is hard to find a person under the age of 40 that has not played this game, at least once in their life. I would like to give you some facts on Mario, which just so happens to be one of my childhood favourites. Even today, I seem to have Mario fits where I just have to play it! 6 Facts on Mario …




Hat – The hat was created so that the creators of Mario did not have to figure out a way to make his hair move realistically.


5. Moustache


The moustache was created in order to make Mario’s nose look more noticeable.


4. Overalls – 6 Facts on Mario


What is the story behind those overalls? He never seems to change clothes, does he? He wears overalls to make his arm movements more noticeable.


3. Original Name


The original name of Mario was supposed to be Jumpman. The name, however, changed when the game developer, Shigeru Miyamoto’s landlord named Mario Segale burst into his doors and demanded rent.



2. Mario First Viewed


Mario was first seen in Donkey Kong. However, at the time, he was known as Jumpman and was a carpenter and not a plumber.




1. More Data Than a Word Document


There is more kilobytes of data in a single Word document than there is in an entire Mario Bros game. Mario Bros has 40 kilobytes and still, it has over 80 different levels. Wow, good things really do come in small packages.


Mario Through the Years


Donkey Kong – 1981

Donkey Kong Jr. – 1982

Mario Bros. – 1983

Super Mario bros.  – 1985

Super Mario Land – 1989

Super Mario Bros. 3 – 1989

Super Mario World – 1001

Super Mario 64 – 1996

Super Mario Sunshine – 2002

Super Mario Galaxy – 2007

New Super Mario Bros. – 2009

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 2010


Wow, today, Mario still lives!