6 Games to Avoid …

I always like giving things a chance before I criticize them. After all, that is how reviews are supposed to go, right? It is hard to talk about something when you have never tried it out. Well, I have tried these games on this list and personally, I do not like them. Let me get started on my 6 games to avoid …


6. Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2


Personally, I do not like hunting, so you know I am not going to like this game. I prefer playing games where you’re shooting Spartans and Elites. I don’t really like games where you have to kill animals. I don’t get the point of sitting there hunting digitalized deer in a virtual world – how fun?


5. Wild Woody


Wild Woody is on the Sega, in case you did not know. This game consists of a yellow number 2 pencil that walks around throwing sticks of dynamite. Sure, it may be fun for children, but I am going to draw the line right there.


4. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial


This game is on the Atari and while there are a couple of fun games on the Atari, this one isn’t fun. Of course, after playing the updated games like Halo and Gears of War, it is hard to get back into Atari games. No matter how you rate this game right here, it needs to stay buried in the mud. No wait, it needs to be sucked up by an alien spacecraft!


3. Shaq Fu


Taking Shaq and putting him in another dimension where he has to do mystical martial arts in order to save a young guy? No, I don’t think so. Hey, if you do not like Shaq, you can play as one of the other 6 characters in this game, but then, what is the point of calling it Shaq Fu?


2. Sudeki


I personally did not like this Xbox game. It definitely isn’t a game that is at the top of my list. I don’t know, it just seems to be lacking something and I can’t quite place it right now …


1. Leisure Suit Larry


This is a disgrace! If you play this game, then you are not a true gamer. Who on earth wants to have sex with fake girls? That’s the goal in this game … to have sex. Larry is a pervert in his 40’s chasing virtual women around. Wow, imagine getting turned down in a virtual game – that’s loser material right there.



Bonus: Second Life


Wow, Second Life is truly a disgrace to video gamers. Seriously, this is yet another game where you can have sex. Except this time, it is with real people and some set up shops where you have to pay for the sex. What has the world come to? Having to pay for virtual sex? That’s pretty pathetic.


Yep, I spoke my mind and told you the 6 games to avoid, plus a bonus game that is really annoying. If you like these games, then I’m not sorry, because in my book they suck. I bet you thought I would put World of Warcraft on here, didn’t you? Too bad, because I didn’t! It just so happens to be one of my favourites. So, what games do you despise?