6 Sayings You Would Hate to See Your Daughter’s Boyfriend Wearing …

I admit that certain t-shirts do have funny sayings on them, but if you are a guy who is visiting your girlfriend and parent’s, there are certain shirts you should avoid wearing. Below, I am going to give you 6 sayings you would hate to see your daughter’s boyfriend wearing …


6. “I Would Rather Be Snorting Cocaine From a Hookers Ass”


Hmm … I really do not think this would be a great shirt to wear when a boy goes to visit his girlfriend’s parents. I do not think it would go over that well.




5. “My Boys Can Swim”


Around the saying of this shirt, there are pictures of little sperm swimming around. I would be afraid to let my daughter walk out the door with this shirt!


4. “The Impregnator”


I do not think I have to explain this one any further. Needless to say, with this shirt, date night would be cancelled.  We do not need any episodes of “The Secret Life of An American Teenager” here.



3. “I Heart BJ’s”


Seriously guys? You would wear this shirt when you go to visit your girlfriends parents? Well, I only hope they have a sense of humour here.



2. “Sex is a Part of Nature. I Go Along with Nature,”


Yes, it is a funny saying, but it’s still not something to wear when you visit your girlfriend at her parent’s home.



1. “I didn’t practice abstinence, I perfected it.”


Oh really?


Those are 6 sayings you would hate to see your daughter’s boyfriend wearing. Funny, right?