7 Expressions I Do Not Like …

While I am down for almost anything, there are certain expressions I do not like. I am sure I will make some of you mad, but hey, I am sure there are certain expressions you do not like. Let me give you 7 expressions I do not like …


1. “I have a book that might help you.”


Oh yeah and what is that? One of those books for dummies? Like a little simple book is supposed to help me with whatever problems it is that I am having at the time. If someone has said this to you, consider the person who said it. His/her life is probably more messed up than yours. Oh and don’t get me started on the author. His or her life must be pretty crappy to even want to write a book that might help whatever crappy situation you may be in.




2. “Think Outside of the Box.”


Yeah, you know what? I will think outside of that bloody box by putting you inside that box!


3. “Chillaxing”


Oh geeze, are you serious? Chillaxing?




4. When People “Heart Something”


For example, I “heart” this blog. I don’t know, what’s with this? Why not just say you LOVE it, instead?



5. “I know you have a man, but you can’t have friends?”


Geeze, I am not even going to bother to explain this one. It can go the other way as well. Either way, I despise the saying.




6. “Press 1 for English”


Yeah, yeah, I know this is not really a stage, but I still do not like it! It aggravates me.



7. “With the Economy the Way it is Now”


NO! I am so tired of hearing this bloody saying! “With the economy the way it is now …” Right, then why are so many of you continuing to buy crap you don’t need? Ha. So many of you use this as an excuse for being the way you are right now.