7 Signs He’s a Lame Guy …

People in general can be pretty lame, but right now, I am going to focus a bit on boyfriends/husbands. Remember guys, don’t be offended by this post, that is, if you are not lame – I’ll write plenty of posts for you. Let me get started on 7 signs he’s a lame guy …

 7. He Checks His Reflection in the Mirror Every Hour

Then, if a hair is out of place, he combs it. Come on, who do you think you are? Guys aren’t supposed to do this type of stuff!


 6.  He Flirts with Every Girl in Sight

He doesn’t even do it behind your back, he does it right there in front of you – as if to make you jealous. I think this can be very hurtful and if he does it, then surely, he is a lame, lame!

5. He Uses You

Don’t let the guy use you. I mean, sure, you may like him. You might even adore him, but if you know he is using you as a rebound just to get back at some girl from the past, don’t date him – it’s not worth the pain.

4. He Has No Feelings

Lame guys have no feelings! It’s true. They don’t care who they hurt. If the guy in your life does not care who he hurts and how he does it, then he’s just plain old LAME.

 3. Talk on the Cell Phone Too Much

Gosh, do you REALLY need to talk on the cell phone THAT much? I mean, yes, pick up the phone, say what you need to say, but OMG, you don’t have to talk and talk and talk. Think of the radiation going to your darn head!

 2. Cheater

Cheaters are stupid. Yes, I just said it – because they are and on this blog, I am not holding back from the truth. If he is a cheater, then he’s stupid – point blank.

 1. Drunk

I can understanding drinking, but you should not over do it.  If he drinks at 10am in the morning, he’s a drunk and he’s trouble and in trouble! If you care about him, you will try to get him some help, before it is too late. If he drinks and drives, then he is even worse and doesn’t care who he puts in harms way – every time you drink and drive – it’s like you’re holding a knife to a child … so, don’t do it.

Surely, if you eliminate those “lamesters” from your life, things will be better. Those are my 7 signs he’s a lame guy. So, what are yours?