8 Facts on Google …

Google is a pretty interesting search engine that has a lot of mystery nesting behind it. Let me give you 8 facts on Google …




8. Google Accident


Did you know that the name “Google” was actually an accident? If this accident did not happen, then we would be searching from “Googol.” That’s right, they were going to name it “Googol.”


7. Email Google


When you email Google, you are not emailing some blackhole. They actually listen to feedback actively.


6. Daily Requests


Each day, Google receives daily requests from all over the globe. Yes, this even includes Antartica!


5. I’m Feeling Lucky


The I’m feeling lucky button is really just a “comfort” button, because not many people use it. Actually, it’s rarely used. However, removing it would reduce the Google experience, so they leave it there.


4. Google Translators


When it comes to translators, Google has the largest network.


3. First Started


Google first started out during January of 1996. Google started at StanfordUniversity as a research project.


2. Index


Google has an index of web pages that is the largest in the world. Google performs the search through this huge collection of pages, usually, in less than a half second.


1. Large Staff


Google has a staff of over 2,668 employees. Their employees are known as Googlers. The headquarters for Google is known as the Googleplex.
Those are 8 facts on Google. How often do you use this search engine?