8 Secrets You Never Knew About Your Girl

The woman in your life is willing to share her heart and soul with you, but still, there are some secrets she has that she will never share with you … stuff that makes her a mystery. This does not necessarily mean she does not love you, it just means that she doesn’t think the secrets are worth sharing with you. She is an open book to you and those deepest secrets add to her charm. Right? Okay, so let’s get to the bottom of this. What are 8 secrets you never knew about your girl? I cannot speak for YOUR girl personally, but I can give you some secrets that many girls hide, so lean in closely because I am only going to say this once.

Read at your own risk …

“Long before we explored each other intimately, I fantasized of being with you.”

Yes, this is a secret, but she probably isn’t going to share this with you.


8. “When we first started dating, I used to save all of our chat messages. Sometimes I would even let my friends read them.”

Yes, this is something many girls do and keep it to themselves.


7, “The moment you shared your email password with me, I couldn’t help myself but to dig in your email and see who you emailed in the past.”

You can sit there and shake your head, but you probably did this at one point in time.


6. “I love to make you feel jealous. Why? Because it  makes me feel like you really want me and that makes me feel good about myself.”

Yes, many girls feel this way and this is something they are not going to share with you guys.


5. “I love knowing that you need me.”

It goes without saying that girls just love feeling needed. There is no harm in this.


4. “I compare you to my ex boyfriend’s.”

Yes, girls do this. Surely, if you are a guy, you have been compared to some other guy before. This shouldn’t bother you though. If she’s still with you, it’s obviously a good thing.


3. “We Google you, but we never tell you exactly what we discover.”

It’s easy to “Google” someone. So, girls know more than you think they know, they just don’t want to tell you. They wait for you to tell them.


2. “We will go through a lot of trouble just to find out what your ex-girlfriend looked like.”

It starts with a FaceBook search, then an image search. They will even look through her friends profiles to get those hazy group pictures taken in bars. Then, she’ll send the images to all of her friends so that they can judge her. The final point ill be that the current girlfriend (her) is way prettier than the former girlfriend (a drunken, ugly hag, in her words).


1. “We can be evil.”

For three days before the period starts, girls can be evil. PMS is a legitimate condition.  Now, there is a drug available for what is known as PMDD and every girl will have that as well. Some cry as a result, some are in bad moods and others are depressed. During this time, they feel fat and will hate you. Your job as a guy, on the other hand, is easy … don’t piss them off because she really believes you like seeing her in pain.


Those are 8 secrets you never knew about your girl. Everyone has a secret or two. That is what makes the individual mysterious.