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All American Web Content is exactly that – All American. Each worker on our team, whether they are a writer, a voice artist or a video producer is All American. We strive for 100% excellence and believe the way to achieving that goal is to provide excellent customer service, high quality work and frequent updates to our customers.


Frequent Updates Are Offered!

When a customer pays their hard earned money towards any form of service, they deserve a good product that lives up to its expectations and that is exactly what All American Web Content does. We do not give our customers false hope – if we say we can do it, we can. We believe in giving our customers frequent updates, no matter what the circumstance may be. We have dealt with companies before who let their customers go days, without updates. Some companies don’t give updates until the customers ask for them. Not us, we sent updates, even when the customer does not ask for them.  We treat each one of our customers with the respect they deserve , because they are, after all, the ones we owe a “thank you” to for helping us get our name out there by ordering our work.

Our Mission Statement: We have witnessed various companies via the Internet who brag about employing people from third world countries, such as India and Kenya in order to get low price work. While we believe in making our web content services (videos, articles, blogs,etc) affordable for our customers, we do not believe in having people from third world countries do it, even if that means “saving money.” Why? Because we are trying to “purify” the Internet, one step at a time. How many times have you visited a site or read an article that was packed full of grammar errors? Those articles are a major “turn-off” not only to  readers, but to Google, Bing and other search engines as well.  Google has taken steps in order to make sure only sites with “legit” content shows up on their search engine – we want your site to be one of those that makes it on Google search.   Do you need to get to know me more? Read below more details about me and All American Web Content.

CEO of All American Web Content CEO: Steven Fitzpatrick

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