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We understand that you may be a bit skeptic when it comes to ordering from a company for the first time. So, for that reason, we will give you the opportunity to test us out with a test article. If you like what you get, you can then move forward to placing your complete order. Don’t worry, the quality is not going to change.


 Here is a fast link to pay for a 500 word article. Make sure you email us your keyword and article order details.


500 Word Article Package 
1×500 $8.00 ordernow29
10×500 $75.00 ordernow29
25×500 $210.00 ordernow29
50×500 $320.00 ordernow29
100×500 $550.00 ordernow29



400 Word Article Package
1×400 $7.00 ordernow29
10×400 $69.00 ordernow29
25×400 $170.00 ordernow29
50×400 $310.00 ordernow29
100×400 $540.00 ordernow29


Custom Orders
1×100 (great for product descriptions) $2.00 ordernow29
1×750 $10.00 ordernow29
1×1000 $14.00 ordernow29
Press Release (400 words) $25.00 ordernow29
25 Page eBook $220.00 ordernow29
50 Page eBook $380.00 ordernow29




When you order articles to post on your website, blog or article directory, you need to be 100% sure that they are all American. Unfortunately, some of the companies out there lead their customers to believe they are providing all American content, but their articles and communication says otherwise.

Our team of 100% native English speakers will get the job done for you in no time at all. I also personally write many of the orders that come through my site and always know what is going on with the orders – can other companies say the same?


We provide the following services


  • Article Writing Services

  • Blog writing Service

  • Press release writing service

Our Articles are all 100% written by English writers that have been fully evaluated before working on our team. Our writers have worked hard to get to be on our team and have passed all inspections. I also personally manage the writing team (i’m the team manager).


Article Turnaround Times


The turnaround time for each service is between 2-14 business days. The turnaround time all depends on how big your order is. Of course, if you have an urgent order and need it done within a certain amount of hours, simply tell us the date and we will see what we can do.


NEWS: Due to high volume of orders, all orders over 20 articles now has turnaround times of 14 – 21 business days. When we say business days, we mean Monday through Friday. Excluding holidays and weekends. We don’t want to rush and lose our quality. Please read these rules before ordering. 


After you order, please send us an email to [email protected] about your order details. We will send an email to the PayPal email address provided in the money transfer. If you have problems ordering or need to ask questions, go to our contact page.