What Are Some Good Reasons to Publish a Press Release?

A press release is an article that is full of facts on a brand, service or company. They are sent to journalists with the hopes of having them published throughout a variety of newswires. Regardless of what you are approaching, whether it is newspapers or magazines, a press release is aimed to present news about your business to the general public.  What are some good reasons to publish a press release? There are many reasons as to why you should publish a press releases such as …

The Price of the Press Releases

Have you looked at the prices of press releases?  Known fact – marketing costs money. When comparing the traditional marketing methods with the press release system, you will find that the cost is relatively low. In no time at all, a press release can be written and quickly distributed to thousands of news sites.

A Longer Shelf Life

A press release has a long shelf life. Once a press release has been published on the Internet, it will continue to gain readers months or even years afterwards. How does a press release get a lot of views? You see, a press release is indexed in the search engines and archived in many different websites.

The Backlinks You Will Receive

Are backlinks good for a site? Of course they are! When a press release is indexed in the search engines and archived, your site will gain a lot of backlinks, even if a limited amount of people read the press release. For years, a press release that has been well-written can act as a sales landing page.

So there you have it …

  • A Press Release is Affordable
  • A Press Release Has a Longer Shelf Life than Other Marketing Techniques
  • A Press Release Will Get Your Site Backlinks

Are marketing campaigns important? Of course they are! But you should not miss out on the benefits that are attached to distributing a press release online.