Live News Online

We all like to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world and in our backyard, and at times, we become glued to the television while an important news story is airing, hesitant to leave the room for fear of missing vital information. We certainly do not want to miss a word, or a segment of footage of an event that’s happening at the moment, but how annoying it can be when it’s time to head off to work, or step outside to flip the burgers on the barbeque before they turn into shrunken, charred morsels. Fortunately, we live in an era where we don’t have to miss one second of the newscaster’s narrative; it’s as simple as clicking a link on your mobile device or wireless laptop. What a sense of freedom we have nowadays to be able to roam and still catch the important conversations of a live news report!

AllamericanwebcontentRiding the subway? Carpooling? Waiting for the bus? We can now plug in our headphones and tune out all other disturbances while we listen to our subjects of interest.  So many of us commute for long periods of time to and from work, what a most awesome luxury it is to catch up on the day’s events, live, while sitting idle in your vehicle until the traffic gets rolling again!

Imagine a romantic night ice skating with your beloved in Big Bear, California, on New Year’s Eve on a frozen lake away from it all where the two of you can watch the ball drop, live, from Times Square on CNN or FOX news at the stroke of midnight on your iphone.  Perhaps a New Year’s kiss ensues and then a marriage proposal after 7 years of dating (it’s about time, right?).

Who hasn’t been waiting…waiting…waiting, in the terminal at the airport for their flight to arrive? How convenient to pop open your laptop, insert your headphones, tune out the bored, crying children, and catch what’s going on in the world at that very moment? And the best part is that the majority of people who see a person wearing headphones, leave them alone to have their time to themselves. We can avoid the chatty lady who will sit next to anyone and talk about her sister’s daughter’s son who is studying to be a doctor…we’ve all experience similar.

Another benefit of watching live news online is the fact that we’re all human, even newscasters. Sometimes they flub what they’re saying, or fall down, and try to lessen the embarrassment with a joke or lighthearted banter. And who would want to miss the passerby in the background making odd faces or dancing behind the newscaster on a live recording? We never again have to miss the possibility of something out of the norm happening in a live broadcast that may give us a laugh or giggle offering a release to some of the stresses of the day.

Cell towers are popping up on the landscape quite frequently allowing us to logon to the internet in many new locations as the years roll by. We have such advantages and certainly live in a great technological time where convenience and access to live online news is available anytime we need, or wish to tune in.