Live TV – What is it?

Watching live TV is a unique experience. In today’s world of edited programs, watching live television offers a refreshingly real and raw look at the events that are going on. Pre-recorded and heavily edited film wasn’t always the norm of TV broadcasts. Before the invention of videotapes, live broadcasts were pretty much the only way that an audience could see their favorite TV show. As the videotape became more popular and less expensive, live broadcasts of scripted TV shows were weeded out.


What is this?


AllamericanwebcontentLive TV is similar to the concept of livestreaming; that is, being able to view video and audio of an event being streamed live through the internet. These options are becoming more popular, and more options are available to viewers as TV channels take advantage of this. Live TV is a great way to see events that you otherwise would have to miss, due to costs or available room at the location.


News and Sports Are the Most Popular


The most popular events that are broadcast live over TV are news and sports. Talent competition shows will often use online streams as well, but they are more likely to prerecord and edit their programs. On very rare occasions, there will be a scripted series that will broadcast an episode live in a bid to attract more ratings for that episode. This is often very successful, boosting the ratings by a significant number.


However, it is generally news and sporting programs that make use of live TV broadcasts. News stations are especially fond of this option, because it allows them to give up-to-date, on location information about current events that viewers are interested in. In sporting programs, this option offers the chance for viewers to watch an event from the comfort of their own home; it also engages the suspense of the live game, because viewers don’t have the option of already knowing what the outcome of the game. For viewers who can’t attend the actual event, watching live TV broadcasts of their favorite sporting events is the next best thing.


Almost Everyone Can Watch it


It is becoming increasingly available to watch online. News stations and cable channels are recognizing the growing demand for the ability for viewers to livestream their programs and events, and are making these options available online. Many other media outlets, such as zoos, aquariums, or organizations that are dedicated to increasing the general public’s knowledge about the natural world offer livestreaming coverage of nests or dens with young animals to show the life cycle of animals in the wild.


Watching TV live is a great experience for all viewers. You can see things from all over the world as they happen, rather than waiting to find out later. TV being broadcast live also has the opportunity to show the viewer the real process of gathering footage; amusing slipups, like a news reporter panicking over a spider, or an actor slipping on the floor, are not being edited out. This allows for a more intimate experience than would have happened if the film had been edited and streamlined.