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4-5 years of EXP!

Time to bring out the big guns and give you the truth about Press releases.. I’ve been doing Press releases for over 8 years! I have been using Sbwire (now Release wire) PRweb and more. I have the knowledge to get your news out to the public for an affordable price.


I’m going to be blunt, if you don’t have news, do not buy a press release. I’ve seen countless Press releases that failed and never reach 1000’s views.


We want you to succeed. So if you have a new product, opening of a new business or have some really awesome news, we can help you.

Before you order a Press release, it is important that you realize we are not in control over how well it does.. We send it to Prweb and they give us results. So we are the third party.

All Press releases will have a report within five days of going live.




I don’t know how many people I tell this too … free press release sites are pointless and cause bad rankings. Press releases are not intended for SEO, but links can hurt your website. We allow up to 3 to 5 links depending on the places we submit to.

I don’t like seeing anyone fail, because if you fail, that means I have failed. Don’t worry, you have someone here that knows what they are doing when it comes to press releases and submissions. I will go the extra lengths to make sure you are satisfied. Please note, once the press release has been approved by you and it has been submitted, we do not offer refunds. PRweb, Releasewire, and other websites do not allow us to get refunds. So, if you are hesitant with ordering, please have a talk with me before you order – I will gladly answer any of your questions.


If you don’t know what this service is or have questions, please email me.


Custom Orders Only!

In the form, please be specific with the news you want to submit to our Press release method. We want all news.

Thank you

Steven Fitzpatrick