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We offer a social media service that’s cheap, affordable and can help you get your business noticed. You can use this service to increase eBook sales, promote a Landing/sales page or any new product on any social media. If you need to talk to me personally, send me an email or contact us!

Why Buy Social Media Interactions?


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Social media … it’s the highlight of many campaigns and is one of the best ways to market your online business. The only problem is that it can be hard to take on a social media campaign and do it correctly. Businesses, both online and offline, struggle to find a solution to getting their name out there.


There are many steps to take in order to increase your business awareness (and profits) – social media is one of the first steps. We designed our services after we saw a company advertising “likes” on their site. After a little bit of research, we found those “likes” were not legit “likes.”


You can get your name out there by using our social media services.

Social media service

Don’t buy Fakes| Buy Real Interactions 


First rule of thumb, you should NEVER purchase fake Facebook likes and other fake social media interactions – what good does that do you? Besides, purchasing “likes,” Google Plus comments and subscribers can get your account banned. What we do is legal and we use real people.

Our company offers a large variety of REAL people who are willing to spread your news across their personal accounts, giving you the best results.

Successful with social media?


For years, I have watched businesses suffer and as soon as they started their social media, their sells increase. Not to mention the fact that it is easier to advertise new products and sales via social media. We are here to help you and we are 100% legal.

So how does it work?

Once we receive your order, we contact our experts and get them ready to interact with your post.


For Example: 25 Shares and 25 comments. (We are not allowed to sell likes, but you may get 25 business likes, but we do not pay our experts for it.)


We have a picture. The picture gets shared by our experts, then their friends (remember, they have friends, because they are REAL people) may show interest in it. The picture could keep going like a domino effects. This will get your business noticed fast and with real people who have friends and those friends have friends and … well, you get my picture.


How does Youtube work? (Coming Soon)

What Do I do after I order?

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I will contact you directly and get the following information from you.

1.    Your Business FaceBook Link, Google Plus or Youtube Channel (link, or channel link/Video)

2.    The post you would like shared or commented on? (Need help creating one?)

If you need us to create you a post, picture, or video, you can order the packages that includes those services. We have professional illustrators that can draw a picture just for you – that picture can be shared on Google Plus or FaceBook. 


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