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Video Rap Service


Video Rap Service

Video Rap Service

We are offering an all new service … a service I don’t really see much on the Internet. The other day, I was browsing the net and I noticed some really talented musicians, so I emailed these musicians and told them about my business plans and how I would like to feature them in my videos.

What are so special about my videos?

My videos feature REAL talented people! These rap artists are amazing. Just listen to the samples I have provided. Music is the key to the heart, right? I mean come on, music can take you from sadness to happiness in only a matter of seconds. Music, especially music that rhymes is a GREAT way to boost the memory.

Think about it …

You listen to a rap video about SEO.  Before you know it, there you are, sitting in your living room, humming the words to the song. Why? Because music stays, not only in the soul, but in the mind as well.

Wouldn’t you like to stand out from the crowd? Don’t you want your potential customers to remember thy name? Then, rap videos would be the way to go.

Oh and get this, and most of the other sharing sites will not mark it as spam, due to the fact that it is relevant and it is music! The same cannot be said about “drive traffic” videos with voice.

We search the Internet for rap talent every week. We have an AMAZING American rap artists, but we also have our hands on an AWESOME UK rap artist, so you get the best of both worlds.

What Do We Use?

  • We use Adobe After Effect
  • 100% Legal Images
  • 2 Different Videos Programs (we do this to make a really good video)

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We can also upload the video to:




 If you buy your own package today, you will get a video just like this one, if not even more cooler!

Limited time only!!!! Rap video package 1 for $45.00 Click here!!