Watching Online TV – Get Live News

Television viewing used to be limited to the confines of your living room. But thanks to the modern marvel of the Internet, we are able to obtain information instantly via online tv. The only real issue you have is deciding which source you view the live news – and you live in America, which political view has great effect on this choice. Here is a brief and informative overview of the options you currently have available for you for web tv and live news.


FOX NEWS – Great Live News


AllamericanwebcontentDefinitively known for its conservative point of view it has its reputation as the “republican” choice of news. Its live feed displays a backlog of the O’Reilly show and other such emotionally invoking culture. It does also have a variety of world coverage, especially in regards to the wars America is currently involved in and how it’s Government is dealing with the events.


CNN NEWS – One of the Best Live News Channels


Considered to be the polar opposite of FOX. It’s the liberal choice of live news. Certainly sleighed towards the Democratic viewer, this network often covers the more culturally controversial subjects. For example, during the debate of legalization of Homosexual Marriage, this network gave little view to the opposition. Again displaying a biased but if that is your personal opinion it is a viable choice. It’s world coverage doesn’t reach the same goal of war coverage, but instead chooses to cover more economic and Governmental disputes. Such as the declining Greek economy and the dealings with the European Union.


NBC – Another Great Live News Station


In a separate category than the aforementioned stations – NBC is the home to a variety of shows. It retains its status as an educational option with some of its options. However, it also offers entertainment and late night viewing. Until only recently it was home to the “Jimmy Fallon Show.” One of the most widely viewed shows on late night scheduled viewing.


Cartoon Network – Great Place for Funny Web TV


Cartoon network is an enigma in itself. From the hours of 6am to 10pm, it’s a child oriented network with such hits as “Gumball” and various other frivolous cartoons. After hours it is taken over by the “Adult Swim,” which is geared towards very adult humor and often violent displays of animation


Television options are vast, this is a very brief synapse of how the simple flick of a switch can turn from Journalism to violent displays of gratuity. As always it’s best to be informed about your viewing options. There’s simply too many to list. However, with this list of live news places, you should be able to find something that suits your needs – these are four of the most popular channels when it