What is Love?

When someone comes up to you and asks you “ what is love? ”  – what are you going to say? Do you have an entire speech prepared for “the meaning of love” or are you just going to stutter on the subject, because you really do not know what the meaning of love is? For many, love can mean different things. You have the love for a child, love for a friend, love for a pet and of course, love for a partner. Love for a partner is going to be different than the love for a child or love for a pet. Let me tell you my meaning of love …



Love is appreciation.


Love is trust.


Love is warmth on a winters day.


Love is help during the hard times.


Love is knowing you can count on that individual.


Love is putting your life in someone else’s hands.


Love brings a smile to your face.


Love is respect.


But most of all, love is love.