What You Should Know About Live Streaming

Live streaming is the transmission of live video and audio over the Internet. It involves transferring and uploading small bits of information at a time to keep a real-time, up to date broadcast. When using this option to watch tv, you see things as they happen.


Two Ways to Watch TV Online


AllamericanwebcontentThere are two ways that a viewer can watch television online. The first is the information being available directly through the website; the service provider has the necessary software built into the site and the viewer doesn’t need any additional software. The second way of watching live streaming is when the viewer watches the video from software that is on their computer, and the service provider opens the video in that software.


These Services Are Beneficial


These services allows for an increased audience to events that would otherwise be limited by cost of attendance and travel, as well as available space. Viewers can now participate from the comfort of their home, or really anywhere so long as they have a good internet connection and a device to watch it from.


Since there is no need to travel, these events that were once highly localized now have the opportunity to be shared over long distances, even worldwide. This makes it a terrific tool to use in distance education settings. It’s no longer necessary for students to be physically present in the room with their teacher, and allows for communication that isn’t possible over mail or by phone.


There Are Some Disadvantages


It doesn’t come without its disadvantages, however. The quality of video is highly dependent on other factors, such as the bandwidth that makes streaming possible, and the quality of the streaming equipment. Low bandwidth results in a choppy video with bad visual or audio value. The image and audio is only as good as the cameras used to record the event, and old streaming equipment may not be able to keep up with the demand.


Events that live streaming can cover are not limited to education or lectures. It has long been very popular in the media to offer live broadcasting of sports events, and while these broadcasts are not always available online it is becoming more popular to stream them via the internet for a wider audience. There is also the possibility to live stream your favorite TV show from your cable to your other devices, but this is a bit trickier. You must be have certain hardware that allows you to connect your personal video source (which may be a DVR, a cable box, or other similar devices) to your computer, PC or mobile device. This isn’t always available, and image quality may suffer.


There are many services that allow live streaming online, such as Skype, FaceTime, Twitch, and ProCaster. Generally, however, free livestream services do not offer as good a quality as paid services do. If it is important to garner a large audience, then a paid service with better quality may be the best route for you to go.